Eric Kayser, Bäckermeister in Hong Kong

Eric Kayser, Bäckermeister in Hong Kong

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger - logo

Eric Kayser das ist eine leckere französische Bäckerei, die uns Sylvain Lunetta empfiehlt.

Shop OT G14-G15 G/F
Ocean Terminal, Harbour City,
Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong


Das Produkt ist zuerst der Bäcker!


Eric Kayser, the 4th generation baker, created his authentic concept and techniques in 1996, offering artisan bread originating from France, while linking tradition and modernity with no concession on freshness or taste.

Eric Kayser has launched an extensive product offering with more than 300 breads, baked goods and pastries, grocery products and a range of savoury or sweet treats. He has created a high-end yet affordable brand with modern, urban store design.

There are today more than 100 bakeries in France and around the world, with 32 stores in France, and a successful roll-out in many different cultures including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Portugal, Morocco, Senegal, Lebanon… while carefully adapting the concept to local preferences.


Mehr Infos unter Press Kit d’Eric Kayser

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